Thursday, March 1, 2012

First Day and City Life


Well, let first day I've been slacking majorly on this blog. I was off adventuring the city with my dad, and totally forgot about using the computer...this could be a good thing?

Well I had my first day on Tuesday, at Kleinfeld. It was great. I loved every moment of it. The feeling you get when you see the bride smiling and feeling so beautiful in a dress can brighten anyone's day. I got to work with a bridal consultant, and pretty much was her assitant all day. I helped her find dresses and work with brides and families. There is so much more to bridal than selling a dress. Being able to understand the bride and get an idea of what type of dress she wants with such a little information is incredible. You have to make sure to support the bride and give her time as well.

Well, I feel like this is the last thing you'll want to hear on this all want some juicy stories. Well I did get to meet most of the cast. The whole staff is so friendly. But down to the embaressing stuff. If you know me really well, you know I'm a mess. I was having such a great morning, but then I was told to hold some girl's train going back into the dressing room. I picked up the train, and there was a piece of crinoline underneath that was coming off, and of course me without realizing steps on it with my little booties, and my foot gets caught in it. I start hopping around hoping no one is watching me, cause I was so embaressed and laughing to myself. The bride was just walking along, and I'm just struggling in the back, no big deal. The family of the bride totally saw me. Only me, only me.

Let's talk about my living situation. Well I'm living in a woman's dorm, which I thought was only supposed to be filled with working students, but no...they have like old woman living there..but besides that I decided to take my first lovely shower. I lived in a communial dorm so I had an idea what to expect. But I was wrong. I get in turn the water on and its freezing,and is literally little droplets coming out...? ahh if anyone walked into the other shower they would have gotten a rude awakening when they heard me screaming/crying because I was dying. Thinking my 6 weeks of showering is going to be miserable, I got downstairs to compain to find out that it was broken and it needed to be fixed. Only me again.